Pricelist adjusted to your needs

We offer various options of our services and settlement methods

Marketing and bookings management

We will take over your responsibilities connected with marketing and booking service, and you will be only supposed to prepare the apartment for the Guests.

from 12% of the net rent value for each apartment
commission shall be increased by the costs of the booking websites

Comprehensive apartment handling

We will provide complete care of your apartment and its price policy in return for a certain percentage of the generated revenue

from 20% of the net rent value for each apartment
commission shall be increased by the costs of the booking websites

Clients about RENTERS


Previously I didn’t have any particular experience in renting a flat. Since I entrusted my apartment to Renters, the effect has surpassed my expectations. The rooms look fabulous as never before, and my guests recommend me to further clients


I do recommend services provided by Renters. Thanks to them I finally have more time for my family. I’m no longer responsible for replying to clients’ emails, the tedious process of keys hand-over or checking on the flat condition. Even such details as coffee or tea have been taken care of.


We bought a few apartments as a company, expecting a certain gain. For the first years profitability wasn’t satisfactory, yet our results have improved significantly due to entrusting the job to specialists from Renters. Currently we are preparing for further purchases


Long-term cooperation with Renters is like hitting the jackpot. The rooms are always perfectly prepared for new guests, the number of stays is systematically growing, just as the amount of positive opinions about my apartment


Entrusting my apartment to Renters is the best decision I’ve recently made. It’s so much easier to pay mortgage now, as I must admit there were months when I had to pay part of the installment out of pocket

Ustronie Morskie

Thanks to Renters I can save, first and foremost, my valuable time. I don’t have to worry about delivery of keys to guests or the apartment condition. I have also got rid of all burdensome obligations, like for instance night phone calls with rental inquiries


I cooperate with Renters and I appreciate their reliable and honest rules. My apartment is always in good hands and it automatically turns a higher profit. Thanks to the motion detector installation I’m also sure nobody rents the apartment without my knowledge


Our rental income rental has risen significantly since I started cooperation with Renters. I tried some other options before, yet none of them offered that level of financial satisfaction.

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