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We have long supported the Laguna Apartamenty Internet service in the area of sales optimization and price management, and the financial results that we achieve significantly outperform the competition.

We cooperate with a large number of webpages, where we systematically publish carefully developed rental offer advertisements. Moreover, we are the exclusive partner of the edom.pl website, which provides services to private facility owners.

Laguna Apartamenty

The Laguna Apartamenty webpage deals with professional holiday apartment rental in Świnoujście, and it has been present on the market for over a decade. It also offers summer houses and apartments on the Wolin Island.

15 years on the market
27thous+ guests serviced in 2016
150+ served holiday apartments
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Little Home

The Little Home tourism website has 7 years of experience in rental of apartments for short-term stays in Gdańsk, Sopot and Warsaw. Its portfolio comprises more than 200 comfortable and fully equipped apartments in hotel standard.

7 years on the market
15thous+ guests serviced in 2019
200+ served apartments
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The edom.pl tourism webpage is a certified international booking engine for houses and apartments all over Europe. The system encompasses offers of the largest and most popular European tour operators and companies specialised in the rental of houses, apartments and accommodations for holiday purposes.

15 years on the market
18thous+ guests serviced in 2016
570+ served holiday apartments
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