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What does the cleaning service include?

Our qualified staff provide comprehensive cleaning of your apartment (its duration depends on the scope of work). All beds will be made with the use of our bed linen. We supply hygienic products (two rolls of toilet paper, shampoo, shower gel) as well as tea, coffee and sugar. Trust us – your guests will be fully satisfied with the way we prepare the apartment for them!

Our staff inform on any visible damages caused by guests during their stay and identified while cleaning. However, due to the fact that we are not able to carry out a comprehensive inventory at that time, we may not guarantee that we will report any tiniest mark, stain or scratch.

What requires additional expenditures/is excluded from the standard cleaning service?

Our cleaning services comprise preparation of the apartment for new guests and its proper presentation. If any additional workload is required and we are able to do the activities listed below with own resources, the costs of these operations are added to the amount due for general cleaning services. In exceptional cases we engage external companies specialised in the following:
• oven cleaning (including baking trays)
• window and wall cleaning
• furniture preservation
• carpet cleaning and preservation
• outside window cleaning
• pets excreta removal
• garden maintenance, including small architecture and furniture
• mould and hazardous substances removal
• moving of heavy furniture
• cleaning of surfaces above the reach of hands
• cleaning of heavily soiled surfaces
• parasites and insects extermination
• garage cleaning

Do you provide cleaning products?

Yes. Our cleaning staff have professional cleaning products at their disposal. If you would like any particular products to be used in your apartment, please inform us about it while booking the service.

What should I prepare in the apartment?

The apartment should be equipped with a vacuum cleaner, a toilet bush, a bucket and a mop. Additionally, three sets of keys are required: two sets to clean and prepare the apartment, and the third one dedicated for your guests.

Any other necessary accessories and equipment, i.e. for the bathroom, kitchenette or daytime area, are individually discussed between our consultants and the facility Owner.

May I order only bed linen?

We provide bed linen exclusively within the apartment cleaning service, which allows us to make the beds according to hotel standards.

Will you wash my bed sheets and towels?

We use the best laundries, yet we do not offer a separate bed sheets washing service. Fresh bed linen is always provided within the apartment cleaning service.

What sort of bed linen do you offer within the cleaning service?

Within a promotion offer, for agreements with the validity period of at least 3 years, your apartment will be provided with new high-quality hotel bed linen and soft white towels which then become your property. In the case of cooperation for a shorter period of time, we make our own bed linen available to your guests within the price for apartment cleaning; yet, such bed linen remains the property of

What does the Check-in service include?

Within the Check-in service we offer a 45-minute waiting time for your guest. One of our likeable employees will welcome your guests, show them around the apartment, provide them with all instruction manuals and share some information and hints as to the nearest surroundings and the place they are staying in.

Due to the limited number of hosts, please bear in mind that this service may be unavailable in high season and in particular locations. In such cases your guest will be offered the possibility to collect the keys themselves from a lockbox safe.

What happens if my guests are late to collect the keys?

In such cases guests can collect the keys from a lockbox safe located near the house/apartment entrance. In exceptional situations the keys may be delivered by our staff, following prior telephone arrangement.

What is the cost of apartment cleaning and bed linen change?

The total cost depends on the size of the apartment/house as well as the number of beds in the facility, and starts from 100 PLN net per facility.

What is the cost of installation of lockers for keys keeping?

Depending on the apartment features, we offer the possibility to install lockbox safes, owing to which your guest will be able to collect the keys themselves upon entering a code. The safe installation cost is 200 PLN net.

How can I make a booking?

All our services need to be booked on the website and must be paid in advance. We do not accept orders placed on the phone or per email, except for urgent bookings (see: below).

How can I make sure my booking has been accepted?

If you book our services on the website, you will be automatically sent an email with the booking conformation and details. If you do not receive such a message, please contact us at and we will check whether there have occurred any technical problems.

Is it possible to make a last minute booking?

In the case of urgent bookings to be realized within 48 hours, please contact us at Within the next 24 hours we will inform you if we are able to process your request and host your guests.

Can I edit or cancel my booking?

Yes. In order to make any changes in your booking please contact us at We will confirm the change or cancellation of the ordered service within one working day. In the event of changes in the booking made within less than 48 hours before the planned commencement of rendering the service, its costs will not be returned.

Does Renters offer its services also on weekends and holidays?

Yet, Renters provides services also on such days. Weekends and holidays are periods with the largest number of bookings in tourist facilities.

How can I deliver the keys?

Please contact our office at in this respect, or call us at 736 734 964.

How many sets of keys are required?

In the events of using check-in and apartment cleaning services we require at least 2 key sets. You should also provide 1 additional set of keys in the apartment, which shall remain there after the guests’ check-out.

Can you hand over your set of keys to the guests?

No. Our experience shows that the entire service rendering process works much smoother when Renters is in possession of two key sets and the guests leave their set in the apartment. If there are any problems with keys delivery, please contact us at in order to agree on details.

Can you collect the keys to the apartment from me?

It is possible to collect the keys directly from the location that you indicate, from 8:00 till 20:00, against an additional fee. You can order such service while making online booking on our website.

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