How to turn a problem into a profit?

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No one likes renovations, so leave them to us!

Michał turned to us 3 years ago. He inherited a house from his grandmother; yet, as he worked in a different province, he could not take care of it, and out of sentiment its sale was not an option. The house, called by the family the ‘Amber’, remained unoccupied for 2 years. There was neither time nor idea for it; moreover, its interior design was outdated and did not attract any potential tourists.There was only one solution in that case: in order to succeed in the house renting, Michał had to invest in its thorough renovation. And that’s when we entered the stage.

WHow can Renters help me?

We have extensive experience in comprehensive facility management. We specialize in major renovations, interior designing, marketing services and other activities aiming at maximizing the number of bookings and, consequently, your profits. We know what sells best and when; we can predict clients’ expectations and we know how to react to these wishes with the least effort on the part of the house owner. We will handle your renovation, just as we handled renovation of Michał’s house.

Results during the first year of rental
3250 Advertisement displayed 3250 times
1748 clicks in the advertisement
930 inquiries

‘I have never expected such a service package exists at all. Renters has helped me to turn my problem into a profit. Now I enjoy complete peace of mind, and thanks to the money the house earns for me I can afford going on holidays even three times a year!’


5 Golden Rules

  • Is it possible to arrange for some more room? Maybe we should remove a wall and create some open space or enlarge the bedroom? We should also bear in mind that the more beds, the more accommodation places. While analysing these options we discovered that Michał’s house offered a considerable unexploited potential – an attic. We mounted wooden stairs and turned it into an additional bedroom, with lots of natural light coming through new large windows.
  • How to reduce renovation costs but achieve a unique result? The new doesn’t always mean the better. You should not get rid at once of comfortable yet threadbare furniture or original old decorations. Sometimes it is enough to renew them; try to upholster the antique sofa with new covering, clean and paint a fancy carved hallstand or manufacture a new leg to the epoch table. Such accessories create exceptional atmosphere and help your house to stand out from the competitive offers.
  • Remember that the house interior design should be consistent. It has been known for many years now that decorations and colours of the interiors influence human emotions. If the house is harmonious and carefully designed, it will put your guests in good mood, and the emotional bond accompanying creation of good memories will definitely prompt them to visit you again and become a regular vacationer at your place.
  • Accessories and decorations are important as they lend character to the interiors. An interesting painting, a colourful vase or fluffy cushions with a unique pattern – such details evoke pleasant aesthetic impressions, the feeling of comfort, cosiness and family atmosphere. It all attracts guests and makes their stay enjoyable and relaxing.
  • Provide enticing, good-quality photos, as they are the first thing a tourist’s eyes will concentrate on; they are the showcase of your apartment. Think of how many times you booked a holiday apartment that entranced you with beautiful photos, although it was a bit more expensive than other apartments, whose photos, however, were unattractive and presented unremarkable interiors. As we all act according to similar mechanisms, it is sometimes a good idea to put yourself in your guest’s shoes.
Results during the first year of rental
3250 Advertisement displayed 3250 times
1748 clicks in the advertisement
930 inquiries

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